national bundt day.

so a few months back my friend sent me a link to an article from the blog, the food librarian. upon reading, i was immediately hooked and added it to my reader subscriptions. the more i read, the more i learned that mary, the food librarian, was familiar with my home digs! we may have lots in common.

of course, in the beginning, i would read the most recent post, but at the same time i’d delve into some older ones. and i discovered that there was a day devoted to bundt cakes! november 15th. i have nothing against the bundt cake and it’s probably the style of cake i like to bake the most. there’s so many different types of bundt pans that are so pretty, it makes it easy to make a fancy looking cake!

i told my co-worker/friend p about it, and she was excited about it, especially since since we and several other co-workers just recently had a dessert potluck day just for fun. so, in honor of national bundt day, the two of us baked bundt cakes to share!

my co-worker's bundt!

p made a chocolate chocolate chip sour cream bundt (the one that looks pretty with the powdered sugar spinkled on top) and i made a double ginger sour cream bundt (the one that is less pretty due to the issues i had when i flipped the cake.)

our bundts!

when p and i decided to make bundts for bundt day i immediately began to think what kind of cake to bake. i began to scroll through some of the food/recipe apps on my iphone. i came across a recipe for a double ginger sour cream bundt in the epicurious app, which was from an issue of bon appetit. i tweaked it a bit and was happy with the results. it’s a yummy cake, pretty moist, and the crystallized ginger and sugar sprinkles add a nice texture while eating. the original recipe called for buttering the pan and coating it with raw sugar, but what i did was to make a simple syrup infused with ginger, and then brushed the cake with the syrup, and topped it off with some sanding sugar. it made me happy when a friend of mine, as well as my sister, who aren’t big on ginger, loved the cake!

ready for the oven!

out of the oven...

my cake. i had issues flipping it out. :(

happy bundt day!

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